Business of Medicine

Expect Exponential Growth Among the Ambulatory Care Service Market Over Next 6 Years

Market intelligence and strategic consulting firm Reports and Data expects the global ambulatory care service market to reach $113.06 billion by the year 2026. Reports and Data valued the ambulatory care...

Why Smart Doctors Seek Financial Advice

A white coat and financial stability do not necessarily go hand in hand.

Medical Real Estate

Consumer Desires for Convenience, Virtual Care Influence Facility Construction

Many hospitals and healthcare systems are basing decisions about facility construction on rising consumer expectations, according to Randy Keiser, Vice President and National Healthcare Director at Turner...

Healthcare Provider Recruitment in Rural Areas

In rural America, physicians are in high demand and short supply. Hospitals are using a multitude of creative methods to recruit them.

Flat or Declining Patient Volume Drives Need for Cost Transformation Among Hospitals

Almost 75% of surveyed healthcare organizations will invest in cost transformation technology over the next two years.

Report: Multiple Factors Converging to Boost Healthcare Costs Further

Fueled by pricey drugs, a rise in chronic conditions and greater access to mental health services, employers’ healthcare costs are projected to continue increasing for the foreseeable future, according to PwC’s Health Research Institute (HRI).

Business of Medicine

Plucking the Low-Hanging Fruit of Energy Savings

Reducing energy costs in a medical office needn’t require staff and patients to dress like Manitoban road crews in February.

In fact, some simple approaches help the bottom line and make for a more comfortable place to give and...

Leveraging Debt Relief to Fight the Physician Shortage

Median medical school graduate debt in 2018 was $200,000, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).

Health Insurance and the Locum Tenens Physician

Some physicians savor the flexibility, diverse workplaces and other aspects of locum tenens work. Life as an independent contractor, however, raises questions about securing good health insurance in the absence of an employer-sponsored plan.

Medical Real Estate

Small Practices Battling High Building Costs, Experts Say

Healthcare providers are facing markedly increased construction costs — a reality that may be especially tough on smaller medical practices, says Kris Miller, President of Atlanta-based commercial real estate firm Ackerman & Co., in...