Practice Management

Patient Access to Digital Medical Records

The AMA’s Patient Records Electronic Access Playbook helps healthcare facilities navigate patient access to medical records while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Texting: A Preferred Communication Method

A recent survey revealed 70% of people prefer to schedule appointments via text.

Business of Medicine

Practice Promotion 101

It’s a given that physicians enter their chosen careers to pursue the practice of medicine. However, in the current landscape of healthcare, clinicians — especially those in private practice — must also be skilled businesspeople to stay competitive.


The Use of Medical Credit Cards

Practices may benefit from accepting medical credit cards, but patients who use them can experience drawbacks.

Recruiting Millennial Physicians

An emerging generation of young physicians brings diversity, adaptability and new communication strategies to the healthcare field.

Environmental Services Training Positively Impacts Quality of Care

Certification of environmental services technicians is shown to reduce infection rates and improve quality of patient care.

The Power of Energy Resilience

Planning ahead for power outages can enhance patient safety and operational efficiency while reducing energy costs.

Business of Medicine

Plucking the Low-Hanging Fruit of Energy Savings

Reducing energy costs in a medical office needn’t require staff and patients to dress like Manitoban road crews in February.

In fact, some simple approaches help the bottom line and make for a more comfortable place to give and...

From Drudgery to Fulfillment

You have 168 hours in the week, and if you’re a physician, odds are you devote a high percentage of that time to your job. For that reason, it’s vital to make the most of time outside work to recharge.

Tailor-Made Recruitment Incentives

Physicians know that one size doesn’t fit all in patient care. Healthcare organizations should realize that one recruitment incentive package doesn’t fit all physicians, according to Ascendo Resources.