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By Thomas Crocker
Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Penile Traction Therapy Leads to Sustained Improvements After Prostatectomy

Men who used the RestoreX penile traction therapy device for six months after prostatectomy experienced a variety of benefits, including more significant improvement in penile length, erectile function and sexual satisfaction, according to a 2021 study in The Journal of Urology. Data presented at the 2021 meeting of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America showed that these benefits persisted beyond the six-month mark.

RestoreX inventor Landon Trost, MD, founder of the Male Fertility and Peyronie’s Clinic in Utah, told MedPage Today that study participants did not experience a decline in benefits during three months of additional tracking, regardless of whether they continued using the device or stopped after six months. The level of improvement remained static for those who kept using RestoreX.

Promising Findings for Post-Prostatectomy Hypofractionated Radiotherapy

Post-prostatectomy patients who underwent hypofractionated radiotherapy (RT) experienced similar side effects after two years as patients who received conventional RT, according to radiation oncologist Mark Buyyounouski, MD, of Stanford University, as reported by MedPage Today. Dr. Buyyounouski presented the findings, which could help pave the way for greater use of hypofractionated RT after prostatectomy, at the 2021 meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology.

In a phase 3 study, researchers randomized nearly 300 patients to receive hypofractionated RT or conventional RT. Hypofractionated RT proved to be noninferior to standard RT, with patients in each group reporting similar levels of gastrointestinal or genitourinary toxicities at the two-year mark. Greater use of hypofractionated RT has the potential to improve quality of life for patients undergoing treatment after prostatectomy.

Innovative Partnership Takes Pharmaceuticals Delivery to New Heights

Patients of Utah-based Intermountain Healthcare who live in the Salt Lake City area will soon be able to receive deliveries of prescriptions and other medical supplies at home via autonomous aircraft, thanks to an unprecedented partnership with logistics company Zipline.

Beginning later this year, patients who live within a 50-mile radius of a Salt Lake City distribution center will be able to receive certain pharmaceuticals and home care products without leaving home through Zipline’s on-demand delivery service. The items will parachute to patients’ homes — packages can land in an area as small as a few parking spaces, according to an Intermountain Healthcare news release — from a fleet of electric autonomous aircraft. Over time, Intermountain Healthcare and Zipline plan to deliver hundreds of packages per day.