The Gut Microbiome: An 80-Year Exploration

Key milestones have shaped our knowledge of the gut microbiota and its role in human health.

New Research Reveals More About the Gut Microbiome’s Role in Regulating the Circadian Rhythm and Metabolism

Focusing on maintaining healthy gut microbiota may help patients avoid future health problems, such as obesity, diabetes or fatty liver disease.

Improving Cardiac Outcomes Through Bariatric Surgery

The link between obesity and cardiovascular health is well established. Until recent years, however, it was unclear whether bariatric surgery could improve morbidity and mortality among...

Researchers Uncover New Mechanism for Vagus Nerve Hunger Suppression

An innovative device that stimulates the vagus nerve to trick the stomach into feeling full may produce satiety in an unexpected way.

As Pandemic Persists, Healthcare Hazard Pay Proliferates

Faced with shortages of physicians and nurses, healthcare practices and health systems may find candidates increasingly inquiring about hazard pay.